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Child of the 70s


2oz Equality Vodka

1/2oz Godiva White Chocolate

1 ½ oz Mango Puree

½ oz coconut water

1 tsp grenadine

1 tsp blue curacao

Combine fresh coconut water with blue curacao in a shot glass and set aside.

• Pour grenadine at the bottom of a chilled martini glass.

• In a Boston shaker, combine Equality vodka, white chocolate liqueur, and mango puree and shake well. Strain slowly over the grenadine layer.

• Drizzle the blue coconut water mixture over the top to form the third layer of color.

• Garnish with edible a purple orchid.


Child of the 70s was created in tribute to the popular web series of the same name. The show, which pays homage to the sitcoms of the 1970s, was created by Michael Vaccaro, co-written with Terrance Moss and most recently directed by Tom Pardoe. It follows the story of Carlo Perdente (Michael Vaccaro) who migrates from New York City to Los Angeles like countless other actors in search of success. There he encounters TV star Kiki Lawrence (Ann Walker) and the egomaniacal owners of a talent agency (Bruce Vilanch and Susan Olsen).

I met Michael back in New York a decade ago and have since watched his story evolve from the musical theater scene, being caught up in a real life romance (which is a story in itself), and being absolutely relentless in his creative journey. Child of the 70s is his love child. If it is wild comedy you seek, Season 4, which premiers on February 29th, will certainly deliver with its colorful and diverse characters played by actors who actually appeared in shows in the 70s, and some of the funniest performers in our town. I’ve been thrilled to join the fun-loving cast this season playing a minor role that was fun to discover along the way.


Just like the show, my concoction is multi-colored. Equality Vodka, a proud sponsor of “Child of the 70s” is the base of the drink. It is a vodka with a simple agenda: EQUALITY for all, a vodka that not only has a unique spice aftertaste, but makes a statement for America with its very creation.

The bottom layer is red, the color of extremes. It is the color of passion, love and adventure. The fact that it is the color of blood celebrates the wonder of humanity. The layer of blue represents tranquility and peace. The blue curaco is combined with fresh coconut water symbolic of vitality.

Child of the 70s is crowned with yellow, a color not only popular in the 1970s, but also signifies happiness, positivity and enlightenment. It is a sweet and creamy combination of white chocolate and mango, the symbol of immortality. Last but not least, it is garnished with a purple orchid to denote respect.

Combined the Child of the 70s, is a concoction with a voice for a Utopia. It reminds us that life brings us “family” wherever we go. On the many paths we travel, we are connected to people of all walks of life who add layers of color, virtue and enlightenment to our existence. Just like the show, it was designed to draw out smiles.

Have a party with the people in your life, shake up a batch of the Child of the 70s, clink your glasses to past and future, and toast to Equality.

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