Symphony of a Rose


2oz Purity Vodka

1oz St. Germain

½ oz Simple Syrup

¼ oz Lemon Juice

4 drops of rose water


Shake the vodka, St. Germain, simple syrup, lemon juice and rose water with ice in a Boston shaker. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Top with champagne and garnish with a rose petal.


You took my breath away

that moment I saw you across the water

reflecting the rose red of your gown

like passion flowing out of your soul.

I stood frozen in time,

basking in your beauty,

the softness of your skin,

your scent that perfumed my senses

and had me in a trance.

I loved you so much it hurt

Like thorns against my flesh,

the ache I had longed to feel.

Pain, joy and passion connecting us

when our eyes met at the edge of the peaceful waters.

Lost in the song of my heart,

I became captive to your magic,

drawn to you for eternity,

my rose, my love, my muse.


Symphony of a Rose is a sensual concoction which merges the purity of vodka, the sensuality of my own home-made rose water (which you can substitute with Bitter Truth rose water), the refreshing sensation of fresh citrus, and the sparkle of champagne.

Celebrate love with the essences of a rose, the timeless symbol of love and romance. Get lost in the sensations and my your heart sing the symphony of your own love stories.

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