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A view inside rarified worlds

When I began, In His Time, I was expecting the usual autobiography of a man's experience, but was pleasantly surprised to be welcomed into the rarified world of the professional actor's journey from student, to struggling artist, to professional. The world Caleb unveils is rarified in that it is not the parties, the big deals, the moments with stars, or acting out on set, but rather it is the quotidian steps of the survival of an artist in America. At which point the book takes on a much larger scope revealing a world that most of us know even less about: The slums of India and the individuals living within that world, the marriage customs of India clashing with those of America, and the drama of two hearts separated by culture and distance trying to find their way together against all odds. Caleb's book is a page turner. I highly recommend it to those looking to be generously accepted into another world and given proof of hope and joy in the midst of the struggle for belonging.

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HE WALKS WITH ME: Book 1 of the Caleb Saga


He Walks With Me is a biographical novel based on the journeys of Rev. A.S.K Caleb. Born into a Brahmin caste in South India, Krishnamoorthy is disowned when he embraces the Christian faith. His quest takes him through unlikely miracles, relationships in different continents, a romance designed by faith and ultimate tests of courage. Told from the pen of a mysterious traveler, we are taken on a journey set at the brink of World War II through six decades of changing times, from the slums and cities of India, East Asia, and England, to a quiet town in East Tennessee where he discovers that even the simplest of men can possess the richest of legacies.


IN HIS TIME - Sequel to "He Walks With Me"


In His Time is the sequel biographical novel to he Walks With Me, spanning a decade. At the turn of the millennium, young Jeremiah embarks on a journey in search of his destiny in the big city. Grieving the loss of his father and navigating through hardships, he encounters humorous relationships, unexpected love and divine miracles. Expressed with love letters, we are taken on a parallel journey from the rich cities of America to the slums of India where faith redeems the time that has been lost and reveals that the most ordinary of men can partake in an extraordinary calling.



Unsung Melodies is a collection of raw poetic writings, narratives and illustrations describing the personal struggles and artistic journey of the late Joy Noel Ashley in New York City. This touching and powerful collection portrays the quest for identity, calling, kinship, love, passion and faith on the road less travelled.





At the turn of the millennium, seven college students and their leader embark on a summer trip to the Hubei province of China as English school teachers. Their adventures take them through a series of comical mishaps, cultural miscommunications, and life lessons where they discover that everything is a process. A coming of age story dressed with friendships, love and simplicity.



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