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Honey & Me


1 ½ oz Jack Daniels Honey

1oz Dumante

1oz Sour Mix

Ginger Candy

Shake the whisky, pistachio liqueur, and sour mix with lots of ice in a Boston shaker until frothy. Pour into a lowball glass and garnish with a piece of ginger candy.

Inspiration & Creation

After my series of complex drinks this fall involving homemade syrups and

concoctions, I decided to create a simple cocktail this week at BarTop Chronicles. To be honest, I did not care much for Jack Daniels Honey the first time I tasted it. Still since I was presented with a bottle, I was determined be creative with it. Honey & Me is a light and sweet concoction inspired by young, playful love and friendship.

Honey denotes delight because of its sweetness. It was symbolic in the ancient texts. The Hebrew people of the Old Testament longed for a land dripping with milk and

The sweet whisky is combined with Dumante, a rich Italian pistachio liqueur, which intensifies the sweetness. Pistachios are a symbol of health, happiness and good fortune in Asia.

The combination thus signifies the sweetness and joy you experience with your honey. It is a light-hearted delight to sip on in the middle of winter. If you are experiencing a dry winter in your personal life, may it remind you that spring is just around the corner and it promises new joys and friendships.

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