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Mumbai Mule


½ Lime squeezed

1 piece of Ginger

2oz Loft & Bear Vodka

1oz Domaine de Canton

1/2 tsp honey

4-5 drops of Bitter Bitches Cardamom Bitters

Ginger Ale

Muddle the ginger in a Boston Shaker. Add fresh lime juice, vodka, canton, honey and bitters. Shake well and pour into a copper mule mug. Top with more ice and a splash of ginger ale. Garnish with a lime wheel.

Inspiration & Creation

The Mumbai Mule is an Indian twist on the Moscow Mule, which was crafted in 1941 and gained popularity in the

1950s. The traditional Moscow mule is made with vodka, fresh lime juice and spicy ginger beer. In my Indian themed creation, I attempted to replace the ginger beer with a combination of sweet, spicy and smooth flavors.

Cardamom thus became the leading aftertaste of this cocktail. It is an ancient spice, native to Southern India where it grows wild in the forests of Western Ghats, which stretches from Mumbai to the tips of the southern region. Cardamom compliments the ginger flavor and is the key ingredient in many Indian deserts as well as traditional Indian and Arabic teas.

This tantalizing spice is symbolic of affluence. Traditionally Mogul Emperors were known to carry Cardamom pods in little boxes to chew. In some cultures today, it has a reputation of bringing good luck in sexual relationships.

My vodka of choice in the Mumbai Mule is Loft & Bear, an artisanal spirit

created right here in a loft in Downtown Los Angeles by a young man Paul Ryan, with a rather inspiring background. It is sweet and floral to the nose, buttery and smooth to the palate, and has an elegant creamy finish.

The traditional copper mule mug intensifies the experience of your first sip, keeping the drink icy cold. It pairs well with spicy Indian food, and Middle Eastern cuisine. In fact it has quickly become both a staple and a favorite at Spice Affair in Beverly Hills where I concoct new weekly recipes as the in-house mixologist.

My Mumbai Mule represents the blend of tantalizing eastern delights, and the quality spirit of Los Angeles California. The smooth and creamy taste lingers on your palate long after your first sip.

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