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Citrus Clove


1 Lemon Peel

1 Lime Peel

1 Orange Peel

2 Cloves

1 Cube of Sugar

4 Drops of Bitter Bitches Pipe Tobacco Bitters

2oz Woodford Reserve

Tap a cube of sugar and 2 cloves over the citrus peels in a rocks glass. Add the 4 drops of Pipe Tobacco bitters to this and stir well with the back of a bar spoon. Pour in the bourbon and stir well in a quick swirling motion. Top with more ice. For the final touch, rub an orange peel over the edge of the glass, and pierce it with a clove for garnish.


The Citrus Clove is a gentleman’s favorite. I created it as a summer alternative to the standard old fashion. Bourbon, an American whiskey, has been the key ingredient in old fashions since the early 1800s. The spirit is typically barrel aged and distilled from corn. Woodford Reserve is especially smoky in flavor and adds to the rich taste of this drink.

The Secret Ingredient...

The unique flavor of the Citrus Clove is from the artisanal pipe tobacco bitters containing all-natural Doubloon Pipe Tobacco. Melissa Connor Rogers, a dear friend and fascinating tattoo-covered Red Sox fan and Boston Derby chick, hand crafts the Bitter Bitches brew herself in Dracut, Massachusetts. Ingredients in the pipe tobacco batch include anise, cinnamon, gentian root, orange peel, pomegranate, maple, sugar, bourbon, rum, vodka, coffee beans, pecans, and bing cherries. The concoction itself is 47.5% alcohol. Melissa and I go way back to our 20s in NYC sharing many home cooked meals, booze, and heart-to-heart conversations. The addition of her artisanal bitters therefore adds a sentimental element to my mixology in Los Angeles. -


My inspiration for the Citrus Clove was the South Asian influence over the classy all-American spirit. Clove, an aromatic spice, is native to the Maluku Islands in Indonesia and is used in Indian Avurvedic medicine to increase hydrochloric acid in the stomach, and to improve peristalsis. It is symbolic of protection and in the old days, clove trees were planted to celebrate the birth of a child. The Citrus clove is simple to make and smooth on the palate. Mixed with citrus peels, cloves, and pipe tobacco bitters, the aromatic essence of Woodford Reserve creates a warm, spice cocktail perfect to sip on with a good book and a cigar on a cozy night at home.

Order your own Bitter Bitches bitters at;

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