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Golden Elixir


1 ½ oz Saffron Infused Purity Vodka*

½ oz St. Germain

½ oz Spice Syrup*

¼ oz Disaronno

1 slice of Lime Squeezed

4 dashes of Rose Water

Stake ingredients in ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. Must be served ice cold.

* Saffron Infused Purity Vodka

Combine vodka and a tiny pinch of saffron into a glass jar and refrigerate it overnight for best results

*Recipe for Spice Syrup;

(Makes 10 Drinks)

1 Cinnamon Stick

1 Star Anise

1 piece of Ginger

2 cloves

2oz Agave

2 Cups of Water

Boil ingredients on low heat. Cool and refrigerate.

Inspiration & Creation

The Golden Elixir was created with only the best ingredients to represent the illusion of drinking exotic flowers and pure gold melted together into an ice cold, smooth elixir. It depicts the rich Indian culture in an elegant martini glass, garnished with a rustic star anise to denote an exotic mystery in the heart of extravagant indulgence.

Traditionally India’s exotic wealth is connected to its fresh spices. The slow boiling of these spices brings out a unique flavor, which is then merged with floral notes of saffron, rose and elderflower. The saffron in particular is a color on the Indian flag, which during the moment of her independence was used to denote renunciation in hopes that her leaders would strive towards indifference of material possessions to

work hard on behalf of the people. The marriage of spices and flowers are also meant to signify the best of India’s culture, flavors, colors, and artistic heritage. Golden Elixir goes well with other spicy dishes as it tones down the palate with a smooth, floral after taste.

Media in the last decade, has made Indian culture a fascination in the Western world. Spices in particular denote an exotic flare. When mixed with other spices, new flavors are created. With the increased interest in modern mixology, spices add a layer of unique tasting notes. The beauty of Indian spices is that just a small pinch is sufficient in flavoring the food or drink. Spices also carry historical context from Ancient Eastern cultures. My bar patrons are fascinated by these stories, which I share with them at our bar top while making their drinks. They are encouraged to smell the spices and taste intentionally.

Taste the Golden Elixir

This original cocktail is best prepared at Spice Affair, a fine dining Indian restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA, where the Golden Elixir will be released tonight. There the saffron vodka and spice syrup is infused with precision. Our ratio of alcohol and mixers are measured carefully and presented with accuracy. Join me at the jewel studded bar one of these nights and indulge in the luxurious Golden Elixir.

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