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Coconut Luster

Ideal for chocolate and coconut lovers alike, the Coconut Luster is a light and frothy cocktail that can be enjoyed as a pre-dinner cocktail or an after-dinner desert beverage.


1 oz Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur

1 oz Barcardi Rum

1 oz Malibu Coconut Rum

1 tsp Frangelico

Shake ingredients with ice and pour into a lowball glass. Top with more ice, and garnish with shaved milk chocolate.

Inspiration & Creation

The coconut tree is called Kalpavriksha, or “the tree that grants all blessings.” It is omnipresent in Indian culture as a symbol of sacrifice, playing an auspicious role in many sacred festivities as well as personal family milestones. One of the earliest mentions of coconut dates back to Sinbad the Sailor of the Arabian Tales. Coconuts were among the many things that the Arabian sailor traded on his voyages. Its

flavor and texture plays a big role in Asian cuisine. During my childhood in Singapore, my mother often bought the ground white flesh of the coconut and squeezed it with her palms to extract the milk for her curries.

The structure of the coconut has been given deep spiritual and religious significance. As described in the Vedanta, the ultimate book of knowledge, a human is made up of four significant layers. I invite you to connect that thought to the symbolism of the coconut;

The smooth outer layer of the coconut represents man’s “Gross Body” (physical body). Within that Gross Body lies the “Subtle Body” of the mind, like the matted coir of the coconut. This represents the desires and attachments of humans with the outer world. The hard shell is likened to the “Casual Body,” (a higher, complex state of mind). Lastly, white goodness inside the kernel is as the “Atman,”, the soul and true nature of the human. In many cultural practices, the skull-like exterior of the coconut is broken to represent the breaking of the human ego, thus offering the inner beauty of mind and soul to God. That inner light is our “luster."

The flavor of coconut immediately transports us to tropical culture setting. Combined with my love for chocolate and a hint of hazelnut, I've created this desert-like cocktail that is light, sweet, and a unique alternative to a the common Piña colada order.

Taste the Coconut Luster

*My Coconut Luster is currently served during Happy Hour at Spice Affair in Beverly Hills. Taste it alongside the Chicken Tikka Massala Tacos as you reflect on the inner beauty of the soul encompassed within the hard exterior of our outward exteriors.

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