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A New Chapter

Seven years ago today I stood by my father’s bed as he drew his last breath. Two months later, I arrived in New York, with one suitcase, my guitar, and a pocket full of dreams. I never would have imagined the journey that awaited me. In my search to find my God and my destiny, I fell deeply in love with New York City.

Now as I stand at the long Island City Pier nestled in the East River, the morning light peaks slowly behind the skyline of Manhattan. It is the dawn of a new adventure, and while my heart remains in this dazzling city, it is time to move. In just a couple of hours, I will be flying to Los Angeles, California to take the next step in my acting career. It is overwhelming to start again from scratch and yet I am a little intrigued by the unexpected.

I am moved by the memories of my loved ones, my New York family who sat around me on Monday night showering me with love, prayers and hugs. I reminded of my years in this city in which I experienced my darkest hours and my most joyful moments. These are the events that shaped me into the man I became here. I carry with me the same guitar, the suitcases containing remnants of my life, a book of photos and letters from my friends displaying a glimpse of my life here, the silver band around my finger from my Angel, my wife to be representing my expectancy of the days ahead, our upcoming wedding, and our life together. I face the wind with the spirit and the legacy left by those who have gone before me. I carry with me a pocket full of dreams. And in my heart I carry the assurance that I have never nor will I ever walk alone.

This morning, as I prepare to venture into the unknown, I feel so completely surrounded by strength and the wishes of my New York family who love me so well. Words cannot express my gratefulness. My source of creativity and music follows me, reminding me that there are a dozen more stories waiting to be lived out and written in the pages of time.

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