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Spring on the Mountains

I am back from another life changing journey to India. When I embarked on my very first journey just over 2 years ago to simply get a glimpse of my father’s legacy, I never dreamt that I would find my destiny among the poorest of the poor. My orphan siblings in the slums of India continue to tug at my heart. My love for them deepens on new levels as Hope for Indiabegins to take big leaps.

During my first journey to India, I also stumbled upon one of the greatest blessings in my life. Her name is Angel and since then we have been corresponding over the seas growing deeper in our friendship and understanding of one another. She brings out the best in me. Following my mission in Delhi, I had the joy of going to Bangalore, the land of my

father, to spend some much needed time with her. The people and the magic of India was as captivating as the day I first beheld it. The majestic sunrises over the vast oceans have always been vivid in my memory. The mountains of Karnataka stretch out exotically, causing me to stand in awe of my God and find peace in the purpose of my calling.

On January 27, my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary, the creamy light of the early morning washed over me at the foot of the mountains in a remote village. I felt the presence of my creator and the dreams of those who have

gone before me, as I knelt on one knee and asked Angel to become my wife. I am excited about my future with the woman who gives me so much strength and challenges me to become a better man everyday.

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