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Songs of the Pioneers

They are the ones that sadly become the after thought to the new generation. The strength in their bodies have gradually failed them, and their feet have trodden where they never thought they would ever venture. Theirs are the voices of reason, their songs are the tunes of ancient secrets, their stories are the novels of yesterday with themes that echo through the ages… These are the senior citizens of our world, and within them lies the mystery of life.

They were the children of history who colored the pages of time. They were the young men who searched for their destinies, they were the maidens who brought forth life and nourished their infants with the comfort of their breasts. They were the witnesses of a changing world of raging wars, progress and opportunities. They were the mourners of injustice and loss. They were the bearers of joy as they bounced their children’s children on their knees. Theirs were the heads that sprouted the silvery hairs of wisdom.

Their once free spirits now encumber within their fragile bodies, crushed from the toll of a life well lived. Their hearts beat with the faith of their fathers, hope for the children, and love given and received. Their memories are the bittersweet taste of adventure they once held in the palms of their hands. Their slumbers bring them the richness of dreams where anything is possible. As they near their final breath, sweet peace brings calm to the storms in which they sailed.

Listen to the songs of the pioneers. They are the voices of parents and grand parents. They are the heroes of time bearing the gifts of wisdom. If you listen closely, you might unravel the mystery of life. The melodies of their souls spring forth streams of inspiration and secrets of a journey we are yet to discover.


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